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About Us

We bought our property in 2007, and decided that we wanted to be dog owners. After long research we decided that the Labrador Retriever would be a perfect fit for our family. We felt so blessed with such a wonderful dog that we decided to get another about a year later. We felt that we had the ideal property for labs to enjoy with ponds to swim in and plenty of room to run. Our love for the Labrador Retriever grew and we decided that breeding was something we would enjoy. After much more research we decided to breed our female at the end of 2009. Our American litter of 13 puppies, what a way to start. I mean go big or go home they say! That is all it took and I was hooked, and my goal of giving my parents the best dog they would ever own was met. Since then I have learned that it can be a lot of work and many of sleepless nights. It’s a job that I will never get tired of regardless of sleepless nights. We currently have a ten-dog kennel license. My husband has built a beautiful Kennel that is climate controlled with all the comforts of home. Our dogs spend time in the kennel daily after a morning walk but after their afternoon walk they are all welcomed back into our home for the night. All of our dogs live as pets and once retired they remain a family pet. Our dogs frequently vacation with us and are loved and treated like family. After more and more research over the years I started to Co-Own some of my breeding dogs to expand my line without exceeding space in our own home. This has worked out well and enables me to ensure that all of the Highland Farm Labrador Dogs will live as pets and be part of a human family. Families are carefully selected and more likely than not they are family or friends who Co-Own a Highland Farm Labrador. Our puppies are exposed to young children and other dogs from day one. On a typical visit to Highland Farm Labrador you won’t see Pigs and Cows but may encounter free ranging Chickens and children playing outside. You will definitely see some very loved and happy Labradors even a couple of Shih Tzu’s running around the cranberry bog enjoying life! We both currently have full time careers but have big plans for our future retirement days. This is not just a business it is a passion!

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